TCP/IP transmits anyone’s Idea for Free

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Line Up Tweetyclip Birds tweemaal 4 + zonder lettercast 950px

800.000 million connected PC’s, 6,8 Billion Mobile Phones  let 2,8 Billion  Internet Users surf  , tweet, chat, 46 Billion webpages which are registered through 271 million domain names, thanks to one little protocol called TCP/IP.

Only two scientists Vinton Cerf , Bob Kahn and the virtual bird TweetyClips are until this day aware of it.

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This first diagram was created in an AHA moment at the Hotel Cabana in Palo Alto, May 10th 1974, today exact 40 years ago and resulted in this little DOODLE..

tcp ipdoodle  formula ORIGINAL

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On January 1st 1983  Arpanet official accepted it and in 1984 the US Department of  the US made TCP/IP standard for all military computer networking, which gave it a high-profile and stable funding . This worked as a catalyst for further deployment  and led to a gigantic communication revolution.

Only one thing. Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn did not patented, registered or trademarked TCP/IP.   It run in the background and is still creating millions of new ideas,  thousands of new inventions , hundred thousand of millionaires and ten thousand and plus billionaires. Even a new operating system like Linux could not reach a very high standard if programmers could not work online and corrected or improved every line of code.  It also created new opportunities for developing countries to set up new economic strategies. ( China, India, Brazil, Russia , Africa, Mexico, Vietnam and so on). In 2005 both received the highest Order of the US.


Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn being awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom by President Bush

Om May 10th Vinton Cerf was interviewed by a local tv station. To get a good impression what happened exactly on May 10th of 1974 just watch and listen:

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In other words TCP/IP transmits anyone’s Idea for Free.

In my opinion TCP/IP is more of importance as Albert Einstein’s  most famous formula of the past century. E=MC2.  My conclusion is that TCP/IP has more impact on politicial, social, cultural and economic life as any other formula or protocol. I do not have to proof this because at this moment 3 billion people are surfing daily the internet through their pc, mobile phone , google glass, games console or any other gadget and I am not even talking about the M2M which will explode within the next coming years to 50 billion of things. Just take a second look at my video clip. In my  vision TCP/IP  = ∞ in other words :

tcpip = infinite in changing and or adapting social `1650If you need more proof, just click here and swipe through the social, cultural, political and economic structures carousels. This confirms  imo definitely my vision.

Lets celebrate this from now on ,every year, May 10th worldwide as an ode to

Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn.

TCP/IP transmits anyone’s Idea for Free  Day.


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Cerf and Kahn

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